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Our business is organized into two divisions:
  • Broking Division: operates in the Italian market for loan distribution as a credit broker, in the market for insurance distribution as an insurance broker and in the promotion of e-commerce operators. The activities carried out by our Broking Division are organized mainly into the following Business Lines, on the basis of the products brokered:
    1. Mortgage Broking: broking mortgage loans mainly through remote channels (www.mutuionline.it website) and through a network of field agents;
    2. Consumer Loan Broking: broking consumer loans (prevalently personal loans) through remote channels (www.prestitionline.it website);
    3. Insurance Broking: broking insurance products, mainly motor third party liability and other motor insurance products through remote channels (www.cercassicurazioni.it  website);
    4. E-Commerce Price Comparison: comparing and promoting the offers of e-commerce operators (www.trovaprezzi.it website);
    5. Telco & Energy Comparison: comparison and promotion of telecommunications and energy services (www.sostariffe.it website).

    The Broking Division also operates under the “Segugio.it” brand (www.segugio.it website), which acts as a multi-brand aggregator for insurance and lending products, mainly propelled by TV and Internet advertising focused on insurance products. The individual sections of the website are however managed by the product companies of the Group and the relevant revenues are reported under the above-indicated Business Lines.

    Besides, subsidiary Innovazione Finanziaria SIM S.p.A. - authorized to operate as professional provider of placement services to the public without underwriting or warranties pursuant to article 1, comma 5, letter c-bis) of Legislative Decree no. 58 of February 24, 1998 - manages, by means of the www.fondionline.it website, an on-line mutual fund “supermarket”.

  • BPO Division: provides outsourcing services of critical processes for banks, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, investment companies, with a high level of specialization in some reference verticals.
  • Our BPO services are structured along six separate Business Lines, on the basis of the type of services offered and/or the type of underlying product:
    1. Mortgage BPO: provides remote loan sales and packaging and mortgage underwriting and closing services; this Business Line includes notary support services;
    2. Real Estate Services BPO: offers real estate appraisal services and technical real estate services for operators in the financial sector;
    3. Loan BPO: provides application processing and portfolio management services for salary/pension guaranteed loans, and for business loans to companies, also assisted by a guarantee of the State;
    4. Insurance BPO: provides management and claim settlement outsourcing services for non-motor insurance;
    5. Investments Services BPO: provides complete operational service solutions and technology platforms to investment and management companies;
    6. Leasing/Rental BPO: provides administrative outsourcing services for leasing and long-term rental operators.